Gen 1 can't boot up. Changed router

We have had Gen 1 unit now for a few years. Great unit! Been going on and offline as of late but didn’t think much of it since it would come back. Changed router to Google mesh to cover more of the house. Tried to change setting on unit and it would not accept it. I went back and disconnected the Google and went back to the old router and that won’t work either. The light will flash green when trying to boot up and after 30-45 seconds flashes red. App says we are online but we are not since we can’t water. I even deleted my app and reloaded that but no change.
Thanks for your help.

On your Google mesh router, make sure you turn off the 5ghz network to start with. Try to connect Rachio then. Once it connects, you can turn on the 5ghz router back on. There may be some issue with the Rachio connecting to “blended” 2.4ghz/5ghz routers.