GARDENA 24 V Irrigation Valve doesn't close

I am a customer from Europe and would like to know if someone experienced the following problem.
I set to open GARDENA 24 V Irrigation valves for some minutes. They open, but don’t close again after the schedule ends. If I unplug IRO the valves close.
I use a 220V adapter to 24 voltage output, 1000mAh.
Did anyone experience similar problems?

@flyglide, hello from Denver! Thanks of reaching out. I believe you might have an electrical issue in which the solenoid latch isn’t closing. This typically happens on DC powered solenoids. Any chance you could send us a photo of your GARDENA 24V valve to review, as well as photos of your current and original wiring photo(s)?

Best, Emil

Thanks for your answer Emil. The valves I am using are Art. 1278 24V AC. A technical description can be found here,
The wiring I use can be found in this manual on page 16, figure on the left site
Just substitute Art. 4040 with the IRO.
The only difference is that I can’t use the power adapter from Rachio as it only supports 120V. So I bought a similar one allowing 220V input and provide the same output as the one from Rachio, 24V, 1000mAh.
Can’t believe that it is the power adapter as it delivers 24V AC. But before I buy a step-down transformer from 220V to 120V to try the original Rachio adapter I wanted to know if someone experienced the same issue.


I am using Toro valves but had exactly the same problem.
24V 1A output is not enough as IRO’s power supply is 24V 1.25A.
The best option is to either buy a 110/230V transformer or 24V >=1.25A power supply.
My current, temporary solution is transformer and this works perfectly well.


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Interesting information - many thanks. I thought that I could have relied on the information which was written on the AC/AC Adapter from Rachio where it is stated OUTPUT: 24V AC 1000mA.

I guess I will go for a 230/110 transformer but will have to look for one model which does not create too much heat, what most cheap transformers do.

well, on mine I have output 24 V 1250mA
I went for a cheap one and the heat is not an issue as I keep it outside but protected :smile:

Thanks @dszymkun for your help with this question.

@flyglide, are you up and running now?

Besides power issues, how’s the Iro working otherwise for you guys?

All works very good. Going to add Toro Soil Sensor this weekend.
Together with Netatmo all works automagically (as somebody said). :smile:



Just curious, how did you learn about the Iro?

I have been looking for a fully automated, Internet attached solution with support for European weather stations. Although there are many products with remote control, none of them supports the weather stations in Europe. This plus outstanding support plus Netatmo support plus upcoming V2 convinced me that Iro the right product. :smile:

no - I switched my device off!
You can’t find a 220/110 V converter in small villages here, so I have to order by internet again.
I am a bit disappointed as any device which needs an adapter uses a 100-240V adapter nowadays. Frankly speaking it’s a bit Stone Age to have an adapter which is limited to 120V only.
So I can’t state anything on the IRO working as long as I can’t use it.

Hi @emil,

I asked the same question but I would not blame Rachio for it for two reasons:

  1. their product is intended for the USA market only - I believe this will change in the near future
  2. they could not find a good quality and certified power supply for 110/230V range

My “Made in Chine” transformer costs 7Euro and does the job perfectly. I will let you know if I find a good replacement.

I don’t agree with your second bullet. I do have some local products from the US, they all have a 100 - 240V power supply - made in China :wink:

If you just search on Alibaba you find hundreds of suitable adapters between US 1 and 10.-; even with exchangeable plugs for US and the rest of the world.

Sorry, responded to a wrong person previously.

Yes, this might be a case - and I am sure we can find everything in China :wink:
The question is: is it certified and provides required parameters?
I am a good example - purchased a 24V 1A power supply which does the half job :smile:

So, please find one with 110/230V range and DC 24V 1.25A and send me a link from Alibaba.
I will be gatefull. :smile:


Sorry @flyglide, we designed the Iro for US electrical requirements - 120 volts / 60hz. If we were certified to be selling and shipping internationally, we would reconsider this and the power adaptor included with the Iro.

We love to see examples of these power supplies and any links to purchase them as well :wink:

@dszymkun, thanks for your continued support. It’s great to know we have friends internationally!

Sure Emil,

just visit
and search for “power adapter 100-240V 24V AC” - you get all the information you need, including contact details, price, etc.

Some articles have different options and you have to ask for the right one eg. 24V AC/AC.

Received my IRO and had the same issue. Could not find an adapter so I took my old 220v adapter ( from a 15 year old Irritriol controller) and just cut the wires of the 110V and soldered the two wires together. Worked!

So you could try to find an adapter from another controller brand in case you do not want to order from China.

@Marten, thanks for sharing this tip. I assume the 220v adaptor only output 120 volts / 60hz for the Irritrol controller?

@flyglide, did your new adaptor come in yet? Just wanted to check in and see if you were able to get up and running yet?

Best, Emil

Hi Emil,

Perhaps confusing. What I used was the old power supply which happened to be 220V -24VAC. Unfortunately there is no information of the current on it but it worked.
So I guess if you are in Europe and just upgrading from an older controller and that controller happens to have an external 220V / 24 VAC power supply then there is a good chance it will work.

For the short time I use a 220/110 volt converter and it works now. But I will definitely go for a direct 220V to 24VAC converter as currently the configuration 220->110->24 is power wasting. As I thought before these 220/110 adapter create extreme wasting heat and I don’t want to have this for long time in a box.
But apart from that it works now.