G3 Sensors

How many sensor terminals are on the G3 controller? I see that it is compatible with wired rain, flow, and moisture sensors. Does it have enough terminals to allow one or more of each type of wired sensor?

I couldn’t find this info on the specs listed for the G3.

Hey Chapin! There are two sensor terminals on the Rachio 3. Making a note to add this to our docs :slight_smile:
-Lo :rachio:


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You’re welcome, @Chapin :slight_smile:

I have the same question. I am just getting my G3 up and running and also have access to a rain sensor. I was also looking at other posts regarding forecasted rain that doesn’t happen but yet tells the G3 not to run. From a software perspective, will the G3 use both the forecast and rain sensor to determine whether to run or not?

@ramjet8000 you can use both a selected weather station in our network and a rain gauge if you so choose.

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