Frustrated with weather forecasts

Hi all. I’ve had my Rachio 3 about a year or so and up until lately have really liked it. But its weather forecasting and skips now are just rubbish, whether I use a nearby personal station or worse the big database. There is literally a hurricane sending rain my way (in soCal) tomorrow. For once the system seems to know this is coming but it isn’t skipping all irrigating? Guess I’m going to have to manually skip them all? Has something happened to the Rachio algorithm?
I have a screenshot but don’t know if it will show. Basically shows heavy rain for two days and is only skipping 1 out of many zones. This is the same on a personal station and when I switch to another. Thanks for any suggestions.

What kind of schedules are you running? It is very possible that those will still skip if the forecasted weather comes through…I know the amounts of forecasted rain across SoCal and SW AZ are constantly changing and varying widely, but are you expected to truly get the amount of rain to cover a full irrigation cycle?

Overall I’d say that my “skips” (albeit infrequent here in AZ) have been pretty solid with my Flex Daily schedules.