Front yard valves not starting, back yard valves do start

I have front yard and back yard zones and valves - the back yard valves all turn on with Rachio, the front yard valves do not…Rachio says it’s running a zone in the front but no water is turned on.

Any idea what’s going on or how to troubleshoot.


@toby39 - it is probably wiring if half of the valves are working and half aren’t. Is the back yard closest to the Rachio? If you have access to a volt/ohm meter then I’d measure resistivity for the front yard lines individually to the common wire.

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I would go to the valve box in the ground and manually turn on the valves for those front zones. If that makes the heads pop up, then I would check the wiring on your Rachio to make sure there isn’t a rain sensor or common wire causing some issues.


Sounds like a common wire is not making contact to the front set.


Just a simple wiring issue. Re-wire and youll be good.

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yeah, it was wiring - come to find out our gardener just unhooked the wiring because one zone was soaked and we weren’t home for him to tell us…so he just un-wired all the front zones…ugh.

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