From The Pros: Protecting Your Biggest Investment In Virus Challenging Times

Protecting Your Biggest Investment In Virus Challenging Times by Caryn Walz

Now that we all have watched the news until we are completely scared out of our skin, we are all hoping for the best, but envisioning the worst. Home Services such as lawn care and irrigation maintenance are essential services to keep what is most people’s biggest investment, their home, in good working order. Outside services are very lucky to be able to provide social distancing and help homeowners maintain some sense of normalcy in these frightening and fearful times. As a seasoned Rachio Pro, the ability to help hundreds of homeowners and light commercial properties with their watering needs “without” direct contact has been proven to be a valuable tool for these daunting times.

In North Texas, our winter was very dry and our Spring has been very wet. Few homeowners are able to practice proper watering under these circumstances. The objective is for the soil around the foundation to stay evenly moist and protect your home and plant material. As the Spring season ramps up with the first mow or scalp of yards, it is important to “test and repair” your sprinkler systems so you don’t get a surprise high water bill.

For the homeowners that practice “turning off” the controller in the fall and never using again until Spring…Lookout. So far we have repaired mostly leaks for those homeowners and plenty of bad valves. With sprinkler systems using low voltage to power the 24-volt valves, we have plenty of valve replacements in the Spring due to lack of use. Similar to not using your car for months at a time and then discovering a bad battery, failed alternator, rotted hoses… not running your automatic sprinklers can reveal failed valve solenoids, pipes heaved in wet weather causing leaks or controllers/timers no longer working properly.

During the drought of 2010 to 2015 people stopped using their sprinkler systems and caused more damage in repair costs than if they would have kept them in good working order. Deferred maintenance is NOT an inexpensive option. It feels like it at the time, but in the long run, you will end up with significant dollars worth of grass replacement, foundation repairs, and sprinkler component repairs.

As we venture into uncertain times we hope that everyone stays well and will protect your biggest investment. Remember to check your sprinklers to prevent unfortunate surprises. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Ben Franklin… We could all use a little more cure in these unprecedented times.

Caryn has 24 years in the landscape/irrigation industry. She was the founder and co-owner of Heads Up Sprinkler Co., LLC for 19 years in Plano Texas. Heads Up Sprinkler Co., LLC business model, in addition to delivering sustainable residential irrigation repair services, provides Homeowner Education and outreach for multiple North Texas cities through hands-on training during city-sponsored events in the communities they work in. During her years with Heads Up Sprinkler Co., LLC she along with her business partner installed the first sub-surface drip for a Texas Hill Country Winery powered by a Rachio controller. Other contributions to the Green Industry are the 2009 Toro Smart Water Award, 2012 Environmental Star of Excellence Award for Small Business and Smart Water Irrigation Design Award. In 2015 she was acknowledged for her role as “Women in Landscape” in an article by Irrigation & Green Industry magazine. Caryn looks forward to her future as an Independent Contractor educating Commercial Managers, Irrigation Contractors, and Residential Homeowners to discover best watering practices with easy to use proven cloud-based technology.

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