Fried 24vac terminals

Made a genius mistake when probing my R3 terminals. I was wanting to confirm the operation of the 24vac terminals (on the right of my controller). Unfortunately I was using a black jumper wire in the 24vac terminal and mistook it for my the black on my multimeter so when I clipped on my alligator clips I shorted my 24vac terminal with another 24vac (I think - I’m just frustrated with myself). Well very small sparks were seen/heard which I that was strange until I realized that I had gone. Realizing my mistake naturally I disconnected everything. When I probed both the 24vac (right side of the R3) both are dead! Also noticed that S1 and S2 are ~78vac (that doesn’t seem right, though I had no intention of using these but I’d expect them to be 24vac). So I suspect that I fried a component for the 24vac terminals. Found a circuit board image online and looks like the small square resister (?) might have been a casualty of my negligence (see image - hopefully it uploaded). I would feel comfortable soldering in a new one (would be one with wire leads and isolated with e-tape). Has anyone fried their 24vac terminals and repaired? I would say I’m competent but that might be an overstatement after this debacle. Any feedback is welcome. Fortunately end of season here.

Rachio 3 Circuit Board