Freeze Skip

Can you add the following functions to Freeze Skip

  1. If the temperature is reached, introduce a delay period that is customizable, e.g if the freeze temperature has been reached, delay the schedule for 2 hours on this day.

  2. Allow the freeze temperature to be below 32 degrees. Even when the weather services forecast 32 degrees, it is still safe to irrigate, since the pipes will not freeze even if the forecast is 30 degrees.

Thanks for your attention.

You can use a free app called IFTTT to halt irrigation. I would recommend no irrigation at 37 degrees or below. It is a bad idea to run an irrigation system when it is freezing. My community issues citations where there is presence of ice on the street, sidewalk or parking lot from a sprinkler system.It is safety hazard to operate a sprinkler system when it is freezing both to vehicles and pedestrians. Ice on shrubs or trees can cause damage, too.

Pipes may not freeze, but watering during a freeze my “freeze” the plants being watered because of freezing on the leaves or blades of grass. Usually you will see frost on the ground when this condition is occurring.

This is not making sense to me. I am not trying to be rude or sarcastic. Those of us who live with a real winter do not water when temperatures are below 32 degrees. We water before a freeze and during periods of warm weather during the winter where there has been insufficient precipitation. This is why freeze sensors are preset not to water below 37 degrees.

I live in California and sometimes the weather service forecasts the temperature goes to 32 or 31 but I know it will not in my area, hence the fine tuning around temperatures. Simplest thing for me is to turn the freeze skip off, just making suggestions for product improvement.

(This comment if for those with all zones on one Flex Daily schedule.)

My implementation at 45 degrees F has worked exceptionally well. There have only been two period of warm weather here in the Dallas area in the past 2 months. One started about 5 weeks ago, lasted about 3 weeks, and normal Flex Daily watering was done. And then about a week ago, lasted about one week, and again normal Flex Daily watering was done. That’s it. The rest of the time the Iro2 has been automatically prevented from running.

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I have some h/w skills so my 45 degree F implementation is ‘home brew,’ especially for Flex Daily only users where currently Iro2 implementation is fixed at 32 degrees F. Hopefully one of the coming V3 enhancements will be to allow Flex Daily users to adjust this parameter.