Freeze skip when it was 46 degrees?

Got a notification today that the system would not water due to:

“It’s cold out there! The observed temperature in your area 36°F was less than your current Freeze Skip threshold of 37°F…”

I checked the PWS I use and the temp was 46 at the time I got the notification. (I also got one last night)

This is a “no big deal” for me but I was curious where it got that temp info.


@Desmo We use forecasted hourly data based on your geolocation for temperature, precipitation, and wind skips. We check these hourly values 12 hours and one hour before your schedule will run.

Hope this helps.


Just to clarify. it doesn’t check the designated PWS one hour before scheduled start? What source does it check In with?

I ask because the temp at 9am at the pws was 40.

We currently only use forecasted hourly geolocation data for that information.