Freeze skip not working

I have my Rachio 2 configured with Daily Flex schedules with Weather Intelligence & Freeze Skip (@32F) ON, with connection to my own PWS weather station, PWS_KORBEND31. The weather station has been reporting below 32F temp since 9PM last night. That is, my PWS’ full table of recent temp data correctly shown by the Rachio app when WeatherIntelligence>WeatherDataSource>WeatherStation>MoreInformation Is selected. Despite this, my schedule was run at 7AM this morning when temp was at 27F! The Freeze Skip function worked last winter and I don’t believe that anything has been charge on my part with any of the PWS or Rachio configuration :frowning:! What gives?

The problem most likely is that while your own PWS is seeing a freezing temperature, the weather stations in your area that Rachio uses are not. See this post from @franzback in April of 18:

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