Freeze Skip Failed

My Rachio 3 ran multiple zones last night when our weather station was reporting temperatures well before freezing. I saw another post that this may happen if other stations in your area report higher temperatures, but I checked several Wunderground stations nearby, and they also reported sub-freezing temps. I did get a freeze skip the night before, when the weather was even warmer.

Given the liability issue of icy sidewalks and the local penalties for running a sprinkler in freezing weather, this really needs to work. Do I have something set wrong?

Same thing here. The app forecast stated a range from 55 to 37. But it was 28 out and didn’t realize it was going off till 80% done.

Checked a local station from the app and it showed 28. So I’m at a loss as well. This is the second time this has happened this winter.

Was it the same day (Jan 11)?

The freeze skip FAQ says it checks the temperature 1 hour before running. At T-1 hour my weather station also reported 28 degrees. And it dropped quite a bit before the schedule completed.

Is there any way to get the Rachio app to tell me what it thinks the temperature was when it made the decision not to skip?

Yes same day 11th…
But even if it did check it 1 hour early prior to the time it started it still would be been below the threshold of 32 degrees…

Fwiw, if you’re set to water at anything 35°F or below you’re taking a crap shoot in most places due to micro-climate variances. We set skip at 38°F for that reason as it’s not uncommon where I am (central/southern San Joaquin Valley in CA) to see variations ≥ 5° within a block or two anywhere in a 50-mi radius. Five standard residential lots from me up my street either direction easily nets ± 3° every day. If I recall, and I may well be wrong here, that was the default cold skip back when.

My Rachio’s been running with the skip at 38°F for several years now without any problems whatsoever. Really can’t think of a reason to water below that temp given how most plants, turf & otherwise, react to cold anyway.

I get that, but I’m using a weather station literally in my yard. I expect some variation in the yard itself, but I’d be surprised enough to really matter. But if we can’t trust the Rachio to pay attention to the weather station data, it doesn’t help much.

I did get a freeze skip last night. The Rachio reported that it was 34 degrees at the time it made the decision. But the historical data from my weather station says it was 29 at that time. So as far as I can tell it is not using the data from my weather station (integrated via Wunderground) for freeze skip purposes.

Edit: Writing that made me think to check Wunderground’s history for my weather station. It doesn’t match my local history data. So I guess I need to track that down before complaining about Rachio.

Edit 2: I read it wrong–the Wunderground history does in fact match my local history. Or at least it does now.