"Freeze Prevention"


I have a gen2 programmer and love it but cannot figure out how I can " program" a schedule where I can have my system turn on one station every hour for 2 minutes to prevent freezing. I have done this schedule but it is really random as to when it turns on etc. for instance I’ve told it to turn on after 10pm and it starts at say 7:45p?? Any clue as to what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for the help David


@Davidc - many municipalities have laws that institute fines for running sprinkler systems when it is freezing. Also, if the run off or over spray caused ice to form on the sidewalk or street I’m sure there is a litigious plaintiff’s attorney that would try to get pain and suffering money from any slip/fall or accident. Plus I would think everything would be coated in ice that the sprinkler system sprayed.

That being said, I might look into IFTTT or something similar to externally trigger the Rachio Gen 2. And one would need to disable the freeze warning settings in the Rachio app and disconnect any mechanical freeze sensor - sometimes they are combined with a rain sensor.


Shd have stated that it’s on my property and pumping out of lake so no worries like your talking about


I think IFTTT is your best bet. You can set parameters of both time of day and utilize one of there integrated weather apps for temp. I can’t image it would be too difficult to set up. Only issue would be if it started interfering with your normal schedules…