Freeze on app start

I am seeing an issue where the app gets stuck on the blue start-up screen every few times I open it. The only way I can resolve it is to “force close” (double click home, swipe up) the app and open it again. Is this a known problem?

+1 I experience the exact same behavior from my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2 It is consistently repeatable.

When the app launches it contacts our server to get the latest device and schedule data as well as updated weather data. In general, this should only take a few seconds at most. If it is really slow and you know you are on a fast WiFi network then you may be having DNS or firewall issues or you might have a corrupted database on your device. You can check whether you are having DNS or firewall issues by turning off WiFi on your phone and using the cellular data network. If it is still taking a long time to load after that, you probably have a corrupted local database. You can resolve that by uninstalling and reinstalling the app (I know this is really inconvenient and we apologize for that.). If none of these steps fix the issue, please contact customer support directly and we will work with you to resolve the problem.

Thanks @matt! The problem happens on both local wifi and on LTE… and “waiting” never resolves it, it just gets stuck on the blue screen with spinner. I will try to reinstall. Am I correct to assume all of my house’s schedule/zone data is stored on the cloud so deleting the app won’t cause me to lose any of my data?

@svento That’s correct - all your data is safe in the cloud.

Reinstalling the app appears to have resolved the problem for me.

Yes, mine seems better as well. Although this morning I opened the app and had to enter all my login info again which is new (I hadn’t signed out).

Looks like I spoke too soon. I think I have isolated a pattern. It only happens when I am at home on the same Wi-Fi network as the Iro. When on LTE or a different Wi-Fi it doesn’t happen.

Just an fyi, this is happening to me as well. I’m able to get it back with the force close svento talked about.

After the app re-install this didn’t happen for a few days but it’s happening again now. Seems to be a real problem.

There is a new version 1.5 in the app store with some new features and stability improvements. Hopefully this solves your issues. If not, please let us know and we will do everything we can to hunt down and fix this issue.

Still only seeing 1.4 in the app store as of 10:20 AM EDT on Wednesday, July 30th.

I have also noticed a couple of times this week when starting the iOS app, the screen sits on the Rachio logo screen for awhile it appears to be attempting to connect to the cloud service (connection is spinning at the top of the iOS screen). I know my connection to the internet is good as I’ve tested browsing to other sites via Safari at the same time.

@svento‌ @SteinyD‌ After 1.5 is installed, let us know if you are experiencing any more issues. We will do our best to identify any performance issues and fix. Thanks!

Im having to re-enter my log in info every other time that I access the app. This was not a problem until the recent update.

@Rugger27 We did make a change in the latest version that could cause an issue in some scenarios. Where we previously stored the user credentials in the app database, we now store them in the Keychain on your device which is more secure and also persists between updates in case we need to rebuild the database. My hunch is that something is causing some items in your keychain to get reset or cleared. Did you happen to notice that this happens after you sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes or over the air using iCloud?

Here’s a link that talks a little about this:

Here’s one tip (from the link) that will help if you have multiple devices synched using iCloud:

Make sure that your device is on a Wi-Fi or cellular network. If the connection appears strong, try these steps:

  1. Turn off iCloud Keychain on all devices.
  2. Turn on iCloud Keychain on the device that has the most up-to-date keychain items. (Make sure you sign in to the Rachio app on this device)
  3. Turn on iCloud Keychain on your other devices. They will be updated with your new iCloud Keychain.

Does this sound like it might be the issue for you? If not, then we will have to do a bit more digging to figure out why the Rachio credentials in the keychain on your device is not persisting or getting overwritten or erased.

So I did a little digging for anyone else experiencing the app periodically logging them out unexpectedly. It appears there is an issue with iOS 7 that can cause the Keychain and other local data to be inaccessible under certain conditions and this can cause the user to get logged out because the app is not able to retrieve the user’s credentials. We are figuring out a workaround for this which should be in the next release. In the meantime, if you experience this, try quitting the app between uses rather than putting it into the background. Let me know if this solves your problem as it will help us validate the root cause of the issue.

@matt - I just started a new thread About the logout issue as I didn’t know it was being discussed here. This situation didn’t start until the last update. Previously, once inwas logged in it stayed logged in event when bringing forward from the background.

@matt‌ @SteinyD‌ Thanks SteinyD, we are trying to track down a root cause.

Some folks have reported that resetting their settings cleared up the problem for them. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. I understand this isn’t practical but should fix the logout issues until 1.6 is out. If you can wait until then the reset is not necessary. Thanks!