Franz for President!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support u are providing us. Other companies could learn from this effort and is much appreciated.

As a result I have already had 2 friends order new 3s.

I am up and fully functional after receiving my unit just yesterday. 7 zones and Rain bird wireless rain gauge.

Just wanting some rain to see how it all comes together.

Really wish now I would have bought the Wi-Fi water flow meter.

Thanks again. Dave


@Dwiniger Now that definitely deserves some swag (not me for president…)

I put you on the swag list :wink:


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@franz - Really impressed with how quickly and completely you responded to my questions. You were much better than the CSR that I first called who I believe was just reading from a script. Makes me feel good about the purchase and the support behind the product.

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@Dwiniger - I bought a 3 without the flow sensor as well. Everything is on the opposite side of my house from my controller and I was concerned about the distance as well as the fact that the sensor will require me to call in a plumber or irrigation company to install. I’ll wait and see what other people’s experiences are first.

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Well said, and Boiler Up @Dwiniger!

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I’m game to get one but apparently can’t. Lol

Seems odd.

As an early adopter seems we could and should be able to at the combo discount.

I am weary now of the recent issue shared regarding the connectors. Seems odd too.

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Hehe. Boiler Up to u as well!!!


@Dwiniger The biggest issue with the connectors is not following the directions or recommendations. I have experimented with “Commercial Grade” connectors from my irrigation supply house since I assumed that they would be better than the connectors that they recommend from Home Depot/Lowes/Amazon.

It was more headache than it was worth. Rachio must have done their homework before printing out their final answer on the connectors. I take my hat off to them for going through the engineering steps to be able to properly recommend what actually works.