Fountain auto fill

I’m using a zone with irrigation valve (variable flow rate) in conjunction with a float switch to fill fountain bowl using a daily schedule. When full the switch opens circuit between zone and valve. Scheduled run duration is set so bowl will always reach predetermined level set by float.

Do you get errors about zone failure when float switch cuts off the water?

How does your setup work? Do you have a link or brand/model of the float valve? I figured something existed, but have not seen one and others have looked for something like what you describe.

If you search Amazon for “Float switch”, you’ll see many options which should work for this application.
Be mindful that the switch should be installed inverted (upside down), turning it from being normally off to being normally on.
If installing the switch inverted is more difficult, you could add a $10 relay to the mix in order to invert the switch’s output (make the zone active while switch is off). Additional benefit to adding a relay is that Rachio will not see a zone completely disconnected, thus preventing misleading zone failure notifications. (let me know if you are interested in that, and I’ll help with the wiring diagram).
As @Smurphy has mentioned, you then add the fountain zone to the Rachio and set it to irrigate on a fixed schedule. The valve for the zone would need to be in series with the float switch or a relay, in order for their functionality to determine if the additional water is needed. Rachio will then energize the zone on schedule and the float switch will determine if the power will reach the valve, thus turning the zone on or keeping it off.
This is not a perfect solution, flow sensors, for example, will not give you a viable information (with exception, perhaps, of a big leak / bused pipe). Rachio itself will not know if a fountain has gotten any water during a particular run. But this will help you to use a more reliable float switch sensor, rather then the float valve, and that water losses would be limited to the scheduled runtime, rather then what a 24/7 slow leaking valve can entail.

Ah, that is the thing to search for. I am curious if @Smurphy was making a statement or an issue.

I’ve read it as description of the his setup which he found to be working for him.

That was my interpretation, but your question on zone fault made me wonder if I misinterpreted.