Forum 'Top' menu button missing?

@franz - I am now spending more time on the forums since the irrigation season is upon us. I do like it quite a bit. However, there seems to be one thing missing.

As I’m navigating down through various categories, there doesn’t seem to be a menu item to bring me back to the top of the forum so that I can select another topic, category, etc. I have to either click on the rachis logo hotline which takes me back to your home page or, I have to back button in the browser until I get back.

FYI, I’m using Safari in Yosemite.

I’m hope I’m not overlooking the obvious! :smile:

As quick as I posted that, I found that I overlooked the obvious. It is the line in the bottom that shows, 'There are x unread and y new topics remaining, or browse other topics in | support. Got it! :wink:

No worries @SteinyD, I did this too at first :wink:

Let us know if you stumble across any other ideas on ways to improve the Iro and/or its software.

Best, Emil