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I’m having issues with my scheduling. In Denver, storms can very very localized (and forecasters are that reliable). So even though rain is forecast in the area, it may or may not rain at my house. Rachio seems to schedule watering based on the forecast, but my lawn is as dry as a bone and Rachio hasn’t watered in days, rain is scheduled today, so no watering tomorrow. 20% chance of rain tomorrow, so no watering on Friday. I may get .02 inches today, and likely none tomorrow. My question is, why not look at actual rain totals in the area rather than forecasts. I have a weather station in my back yard that will give accurate totals, but Rachio won’t use it. Saturation levels based on rain 3 days ago are at 70 to 100% based rain 3 days ago, but it’s been sunny and for 2 of 5e 3 days. What am I missing?

Yeah, this time of year in Colorado is difficult for flex daily schedules due to the afternoon thunderstorm predictions.

Forecasting is usually a much better way to drive efficiency, and if we didn’t use forecasting we would always be watering before it rained.

It actually looks like you might have a bad weather station, check out the precipitation! 83886.07 inches!

I bet if that was corrected your system would be watering normal.


Well. That explains it! At least partially. That is the wrong station. I changed it, so we’ll see if it improves.

Thank you for the response and solution!

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Just updating this in case anybody reads this thread looking for an answer ---- the 83886.07 inches of rain is not a bad weather station, but a bug in WU. After not having to deal with it since getting my Acurite weather station this year, just this last two weeks I’m starting to get fed the 83886.07 inches to Rachio. Only once does it show up on the daily information on WU, but it is showing up on both the weekly and monthly views of the data. About 99.9% certain it is a bug on the WU end.

@Linn Thanks for the update! Do you have any URLs with the bogus data I could have the team share with WU to report this bad data?


They can use this URL to get to the month of October for my weather station.

The monthly view shows bad data on 10/21-10/22. 10/23 is ok, then everything from 10/24 on is the 83886.07. The bad data always shows up at the last data point for the day, and it doesn’t appear to make any difference whether precipitation was recorded that day or not.

The weekly data for 10/25 and 11/1 also show the same bad data points for the same days,

However, on the individual day views for 10/21, 10/22 and 10/24 the bad data shows. BUT on 10/25, 10/26, 10/27 and 10/28 the daily view shows correct data! Gotta be a bug on their end.

And to add to the information, it only happens with WU data being sent directly from the Acurite display. NOT from their Acurite Access Hub. I get other, occasional, errors with the hub (small ones), but got the 83886.07 2-3 times over a couple weeks.

August was a wet month for me. I had a total of 251,663.12" of rain, and had only connected the system on August 7th. (And I hadn’t even started on my Ark.) You/they can check out my weather station output too at WU PWS KSCCHAPI56.

franz realize that this has nothing at all to do with Rachio (except you and we have to live with the consequence of the errors in our watering schedules). It is between AcuRite’s display, which receives data from AcuRite’s 5-in-1 weather station, and transfers it to Weather Underground, where the error is displayed. It’s never in any of AcuRite’s equipment, or their web site, just in WU. Then that data is imported into Rachio. But if there’s a way to bring this to WUs attention, it would really be helpful.

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