Force field enabled

Maybe not quite the title.

We found out very late last night our entire town was being sprayed for mosquitoes by trucks from 2-5AM. Normally I’d be all over this, but this is our 3rd year with honeybee hives and they’re dangerously susceptible to the spray.

With little options before the spray we wet some sheets and put them over the hives to keep as much mist out as possible.

I then setup a temporary Rachio schedule to water down the lawn at the end of the spray schedule and before the bees would normally start flying out of their hives for the day. I don’t know if it helped or not, but it made me feel better. Hopefully it cleaned off some plants and the areas around the hives even though the girls can fly miles in search of nectar… :crossed_fingers:


Sure hope it did. I’d like to hear an update on the health of the hives.


Yeah, it’s a tough situation. Get bitten by the nasty mosquitos and be subjected to getting some diseases or spraying and killing the good insects as well as mosquitos. My wife won’t let me spray insecticides in the yard, so I get all bitten up unless I remember to put on some repellant before I go outside. We all need the bees and butterflies to do their pollenation as well as the honeybees to make us honey. Sorry I got a little off topic here. Or did I ?

You’re on point. EEE has already been detected in our area which is why they’re spraying aggressively. It is a tough balancing act.