Flowmeter 1001-EX wired

I have Rachio3 with a Everydrop Flowmeter 1001-ex and every time it completes a run the warning message of a leak detected show up. I checked each and every zone heads, checked the flowmeter but I cannot find it I suspect this is the flowmeter issue but i cannot be certain

Here is the message I keep getting:

We detect a flow rate of 19.4 gpm even though there is no scheduled or manual watering active on your controller, alex-Rachio-C05F00. You may have a leak!

Hi there,

Which terminals are you using to connect the flow meter to the Rachio?

According to Rachio tech I wired it wrong. S1 was correct and the black or common must be on the 24VAC negative side.
Yet I asked what the difference was between us the C and 24VACneg and they are the same, 60hz. I’m not an electro engineer but if they are the same then how did it fix the warning error from going away every time my zones ran? Anyway it is fixed.

They are not, in fact, the same. So your intuition is right! The C terminal introduces a false 60 Hz signal to the flow meter that corresponds to exactly 19.4 GPM. Now that the black wire is in the correct spot, that 60 Hz signal no longer appears and when the flow is 0 GPM, the flow meter actually reads 0 GPM, thereby eliminating the warning.

Now that explains it.

So like I said I’m glad that solved the problem. I was informed that there is a write up on the website that explains why and how to get it wired up. I couldn’t find it. They did give it to me on the chat but I lost it.