Flow sensor recommendations?

Can anyone provide recommendations on flow sensors for a Rachio 3 system? Or even articles/sites with more information on assisting with choice?

Thank you

The support site has this article:

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True, I’ve read through that but no recommendations on one or the other. I was looking to see if anyone could shed some real life usage experience.

They do recommend the Everydrop in that link supplied by ritchierich. (See asterisk) The reasons and technology are explained here in first few FAQs:
Frequently Asked Questions – EveryDrop Technologies (everydropmeters.com)


I have the Everydrop 1004/1104. It works well and helps me to understand what is going on. I have 6 zone on a drip system coving ⅓ acre. You need to calibrate each zone - and then set the low and high thresholds so it notifies you if you go outside of those ranges. You can have it disable the zone if the threshold is exceeded, however I just use the warnings to correct any issues. I also use a master valve which works fine. One note, I have 3 hose bibs thoughout the yard on the same line as the irrigation, but the flow meter would pick up these bibs and report a leak as the rachio was not running. I had to bypass the flow meter for the bibs, which really does make sense. Overall I am happy with it although I have no method to confirm the readings are accurate on water usage it seems reasonable. You will have to bring it in for the winter if its exposed to cold, mine is in a valve box for easy access.

You actually do not have to bring the meter in if it’s cold outside. As long as you complete a proper system blowout prior to freezing temperatures, the meter handles the cold without issue. This is actually one of the main advantages of the Everydrop meter over traditional paddle meters is its capability to handle pressurized air during a blowout.

I use a Toro wired flow sensor. It has worked great for me.

The Flomec sensors are nice in that they can be winterized without removing as well. I called Flomec to confirm that directly, and they said anything up to 200psi was fine (obviously way overkill). They are an ultrasonic sensor versus a paddlewheel, so no spinning parts to damage.

Rachio has yet to add support for any but the 1", though. I’ve sent a request to support with the k-factors and offsets for their QS200 series, so hopefully soon.

I wish I could give negative feedback on that page. It recomends a bunch of flow sensors that aren’t drip compatible, and are 1" PVC at least. A 3/4 drip compatible such as CST’s ELF-T75-P01 should be added for water-wise gardens.

The QS200-10 1" flow sensor is also designed for use with drip irrigation. The specifications of the sensor allow for very low flow monitoring. QS100-10 has a published flow range of 0.22 GPM Min (13.2 GPH) to 33 GPM max. It also has the advantage of ultrasonic sensor technology with no moving parts (for winterization blow out).

QS100-10 is 1" which is inconvenient but not a showstopper, is not on the supported list which is a showstopper, and it’s a whopping $305. It’ll take a lot of watering saved to break even on it, especially if you need to use two sensors to cover front and rear gardens.

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Agreed! CST has awesome customer service. The ELF is fantastic!

Amen about the “whopping” price!
I’ve been looking at all those on the recommended list with the Everydrop Wired being the least expensive at $$130. Everything else runs between $200 to well north of $400! And I need 2.

Amazon shows many wired water flow meters with 4-star ratings and prices down to around $15.00. But I have no idea if they would be compatible with the Rachio 3.

Any thoughts on sub-$100 flow meters?

And com’on Rachio PLEASE support some more affordable solutions.


I have ordered the 1004-EX wired sensor. However, every site I visit identifies that this item is out of stock. Do you have any information if this is a common occurrence or are the everydrop meters going out of business?

Appreciate your assistance as I see that you have assisted others successfully- thanks

Everydrop is currently only selling through Rachio and Amazon. I am guessing the added demand of selling on Rachio has made it difficult to keep up with inventory demands.

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Thanks very much. Guess I’ll just have to wait.

I have a Everydrop1004-EX installed and have had tons of problems with erroneous reporting. May have a bad meter. Can’t find a phone number to contact them.


This is Rachio, not Everydrop??!?

Use the site

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