Flow sensor low flow integration?

Hello Rachio team!

Just received my Gen 2 and installed it. To motivate me to get the flow sensor installed…

I wonder if the flow sensor will alert me of low flow? I lost production in my garden last year when the filters ahead of my emitters became clogged and I did not know there was no water flowing for about a week. Can this or will this be integrated?

Conversely I am sure high flow as in a broken head would be of interest as well.

Thanks for your help and attention as always.

What type of manufacturer flow sensor did you install and 2), has this been of value in water savings.

We will be measuring flow and more than likely incorporating some calibration feature to help dial-in custom nozzles. Assuming if we’ve calibrated zones and know expected flow per duration, not a far jump to know roughly how much flow we should see over a given period.

This is all speculation at this point. The nice thing about sofware is the answer is usually “yes”, it’s just priority and is this feature widely asked for.

Thanks for the feature request, hope this helps.


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@leeowen & @high500 – for more information on flow sensors, please see this support article if you haven’t already.

If you had to pick one alert over the other, which would you pick?

It would also be useful if the flow sensor sent an alert if it senses water flow when the system is off which would highlight a leak or a solenoid not closing