Flow Meter with Gen 2 compatibility/Upgrade Path

If I understand this correctly, the wireless flow meter only works with Gen 3. If this is the case, its a huge letdown because I dont see myself paying yet another $300 literally 8 months after buying Gen 2.

It also appears that Rachio is coming up with a new generation of a controller roughly every year. Considering the cost and the fact that these are not like other accessories people will want to renew annually (like your smartphone), this strategy will not work from a marketing perspective. Take a look at GoPro and how their almost annual release cycle almost took the entire company down (they are still not out of the woods).

You guys need to provide an upgrade path to people who paid retail for your devices in a certain time frame. Nobody is going to pay $300/year upgrading their sprinkler board because the new one has two new features (its not like we discovered face id here).

If you actually made your wifi flow meter compatible with gen 2, you would have a huge advantage.

And another thing is, if you are supporting two master valves and I know off hand several residents where I live that they have two master valves due to the way terrain is (not everywhere its flat and dry like CA), then you must support two flow controllers. Either your sprinkler controller shouldnt allow 2 master valves, period OR it does and you support it accross the board. Because as a buyer in this market, I would not have made the decision to buy rachio if it didnt support 2 master valves. And when I see that you do support it, I expect it to be supported accross the board. This is like buying an iphone to browse the web and take pictures but the next year apple suddenly removes the camera from the phone! I mean how can anyone design this product but not ask the question how this will work in a 2 valve setup. Do you expect people to put this plastic thing in their basement on L pipes that are under 120-150 pounds of pressure? Do you accept all the risks and comfortable being accountable should it fail? If not, then what’s your suggestion? Buying 2x8 zone controllers and spending almost $600?

You guys really need to do a better job with your release of products/strategy. It took me 5 minutes to think of this and write this post. You have a team of people working on this over a year. Its beyond me how this gets the sign off of your marketing/product management teams