Flow Meter Triggers for IFTTT

I’m considering purchasing a flow meter for my irrigation system but in addition to recognizing and shutting off zone specific leaks I would also like to recognize when there is high volume flow outside of a watering sequence then automatically terminate the main water line altogether (main line / valve failure vs head failure). As far as I could tell there are no products that Rachio offers that can handle this (please correct me if I’m wrong) but I was considering using IFTTT in conjunction with a simple third party smart switch that is attached to a valve cutoff solenoid. It would ideally look something like this: if high-flow is detected outside of watering schedule then turn off main valve / send text message.

I’m not able to find any literature on what events the IFTTT<>Rachio integration handles in regards to the flow meter. Does anyone here and this information or know where I could find it?

We do not currently support the flow meter in IFTTT. No current roadmap for integrating that product into IFTTT.


Hi Franz:
Has the thinking on integrating flow events, high/low to IFTTT changed/evolved since this last update? It would be great to have this feature - I would love to get a phone call and/or text message when low/flow is detected on any zone - which I can do via IFTTT. Thanks.