Flow meter, Square footage & Nozzle output settings

I purchased and setup the Rachio wireless flow meter so now the controller knows the gallons per minute output of each zone and also knows the square footage of each zone. However, when I go to advanced settings for each zone, the “Nozzle Inches Per Hour” setting is still at the default “1 inch per hour”. Do I need to configure this setting or is this no longer used by the software now that I’ve added the flow meter? It seems to me that it has all the information it needs (square footage and GPM output) to figure the watering times. Am I right?

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The flow meter software is not currently being used to adjust nozzle inches per hour. The product team is reviewing this and other features but it is not currently on our roadmap for the year.


So does the flow meter data effect how much water is applied to each zone or is the software only using the nozzle output setting to calculate watering times?

Just the nozzle output. The main features currently of the flow meter are accurate water usage and high/low leak detection.


Well, seeing I’m using a well pump, the flow varies with water pressure. So I’m having to adjust the low & high flow trigger to keep it from false triggering, rendering it pretty much worthless for leak detection. Guess I wasted my money if it doesn’t do what your website advertises that it does, “fine-tunes watering accuracy”!

Here is the selling points from your website:

Know with the Flow.

Avoid catastrophic leaks and monitor outdoor water use. The Rachio Wireless Flow Meter seamlessly integrates with Rachio 3 to increase watering accuracy and protect your home and landscaping investment.

  • Monitor flow rates and detect leaks with sensitive Vortex Technology.
  • Instant zone shut-off triggered by leak detection.
  • Protect plants and property with instant leak notifications.
  • Pair with Rachio 3 to fine-tune watering accuracy

So, why was I mislead when I made my purchase from your website? Why is it not doing what you’re advertising?

Left a 1 star review with a link to this thread this morning. Checked back just now and my review had been removed. Crooks! I will be doing a charge back on my credit card. We’ll see who screws who here!

Where was the review removed from? If you are unhappy with the product I’m sure we can refund your money.

Just PM me if you want a refund.


How am I supposed to get them off when you guys had me use one-way fittings? Why don’t you guys just fix your software so it works like advertised? It’s really just simple math. GPM ÷ square footage of zone. Square footage is already part of the advanced settings as is. Not sure why though, if you’re not using it for anything.

I have the feeling it does work as advertised and you don’t know your own product well enough to be answering technical questions on here. I’d like some input from one of your engineers, please!

I’m sorry you are disappointed with the software on the flow meter. I will provide your feedback to the product team for potential enhancements. At this time we do not use the flow measurement to adjust the nozzle precip rate on individual zones. I can get you a refund for the product if you would like to PM me.


Disappointed in the software? I’m disappointed in your unethical business practices. I made my purchase based on your website’s claim that “when paired with Rachio 3, it fine-tunes watering accuracy”. I invested money in parts and labor to get this project completed just to find out it does no such thing! Now you want me to pay someone to come back out and rip it all back out again and patch up the gap it left in my plumbing? Are you going to compensate me for my loses due to your false advertising?

Apologize for any confusion. If you PM me details of the install I will make sure our team makes this right.


I’m willing to bet that naamang uses the same methods of complaint with other businesses. For the record, I, like 99.999% of your consumers, am very happy with my Rachio’s performance. I am also impressed with the way you respond to user’s comments, complaints, recommendations, etc. Unfortunately, bad apples occur and have to be put up with.

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I like the performance of the controller. It’s the useless flow meter I’m not happy with, and the fact that I was lied to. However, now that you mention it, who know how many of the features on the controller don’t work as advertised either. Guess we’ll never know unless Franz clues us in like he did the flow meter.

It still works as a leak detection device. You just have to set the limits larger than someone who uses city water supply since your well pump causes fluctuation in flow rates. This is not a failure of the meter, but of how your system functions.

A leak or fault has to be defined as something outside of “normal” operation. If your zones vary from say 3-8gpm during any given run, than the limits have to be larger than that. A $4000 mag meter with 0.25% accuracy is not going to fix that problem.

“If the zones vary 3-8 gpm” I could be loosing up to 5 gpm without detection. Thats a pretty big leak! So, you may as well say it’s not very effective for people not on city water. Now, if you read my title and 99% of my conversation, you’ll see this wasn’t my primary complaint. I bought this because I wanted it to measure the water that was being applied to the grass, eliminating the need to guess at how much water my sprinkler heads were putting out at any given time. If the controller is measuring the flow and continuously matching this data up with a given parameter, it could just as easily match it up with the square footage (already entered into the advanced settings for each zone) and adjust the watering times accordingly. And that is what the selling points on this website claims it does, “fine-tunes watering accuracy”.

Why can’t you just divide the flow by the qty of nozzles in the zone and set nozzle GPM based off total flow/qty of nozzles?

Because the app doesn’t show gpm while running, only when you calibrate the zone, and that is only accurate to the flow at the time of calibration. I could recalibrate that same zone 5 minutes later and get a completely different gpm due to water pressure change. I’m right now looking at me Baseline Flow setting for zone 1 and it’s calibration results is recorded at 10.5 gpm, zone 2 (same number of heads) is 11.6 gpm. Zone 2 obviously had a higher pressure at time of calibration.