Flow Meter Signal Strenth - N/A?

Was getting consistent “Good” readings at -2/-3. Today, it shows as “Connected” but signal strength is N/A.

First time I’ve seen this. Any insight into what is going on?


Guess it was just a blip. I’m back to (-1).

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@johnny2678 Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

Next time can you try pulling down on the screen to refresh the data and see if it retrieves the signal strength.

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Hey @timber,

It’s happening again right now. Only shows N/A on the web version. iOS version looks like it’s working correctly - Good(0)

No way to “pull down” the screen on the web version but a refresh still shows N/A.

Not a huge deal since the mobile version is reporting correctly. Just letting you guys know in case it’s a bug.

I am having the same problem. I show connected but N\A for signal strength. Refreshing does not help.