Flow Meter Reports?

Is there a place in the app or on the webpage interface where I can pull a report that will show me gallons used per zone per time period specified? I know clicking through various usage links will get you down to gallons per run per day per zone, but is there a place that pulls this all together? What I’m able to find now would allow me to make my own report but would take a lot of time. Given most of us install flow meters with the Rachio system and similar ET controllers w/installed flow meters can provide this, I would hope this capability exists. If not, can you please add this feature in the future? Other than leak detection, why bother with a flow meter at all if you can’t use it’s data for water auditing purposes. The “monthly usage to date” has a little drop down report but the formatting is terrible and the data limited no matter what program used to view it. Are these numbers based on estimates or what the flow meter is actually reading? This could cause some serious accuracy issues with those of performing water audits for our customers.