Flow meter reporting usage of 750g/min!

I have a Gen 2 controller with a flow meter (CST FSI-T10). Until the 3.0 app update, my usage in gallons seemed accurate. Usage in gallons disappeared in 3.0 and was reintroduced in 3.1, I believe. Suddenly about 03/24/2018 my water usage in gallons went off the chart. And I can find no broken sprinkler heads.

Yesterday I ran one zone for 10 minutes and the controller shows that I used 7503 gallons in 10 minutes! There’s no way I can get 750g/minute through my 3/4" water main. Is anyone else with a flow meter experiencing any issues since the 3.1 app update?

Yikes! Does it seem to be off by any particular multiplying factor? 500%? 1000%? I’d hope this is just a math equation gone wrong.

Hi @sdxeriscape thanks for letting us know. That definitely doesn’t sound right if you’re not seeing any leaks. Our team is looking into this. Thanks!

It is bizarre. This evening I’ll try to open the top of my flow meter just to make sure there are no obvious signs of damage or defect. Thank you.

I had the same behavior with the same model last year. It ended up being the sensor itself.

This is interesting because I also have two of the same flow meters installed and my Rachio reports 0 gallons used for March.

I hear ya @sdxeriscape – It definitely sounds like it could be related to the flow sensor itself or the wiring. Can you please send a picture of your wiring to support@rachio.com? I’ll make sure we get you taken care of!


After various testing, I’m suspicious that the flow meter may have gone bad. I’ve ordered a new flow meter and will post an update once I get it installed.

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I’m beginning to,wonder if that model doesn’t handle freezing temps very well.