Flow meter, pool/pond fill, double check valve order?

Prior installation had pond auto fill, pool auto fill, yard hose bibs and sprinklers all on the same line coming directly off the main supply to the house with gate valve to shut off all outside water features and irrigation valves - no PVB or other Backflow device installed.

I’m separating the systems into two branches: (1) irrigation valves and (2) everything else (pond auto fill, pool auto fill and yard hose bibs). As I rebuild the yard line from the main line, I plan to put in a new gate valve for complete yard shut off, followed by a double check valve for backsiphonage/backpressure protection and then split the lines to branches (1) and (2).

Can the wireless flow meter be installed on branch (1) as long as it is 6” or more after the split of the two branches? In other words, would the branch (2) which is after the double check valve but before the wireless flow meter affect the functionality or warnings that the meter measures and reports? Alternative would be to branch after the gate valve and have separate double check valves for each branch so there is nothing between the double check valve and wireless flow meter. Thoughts?

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Diagram of old and proposed new layout rearranging lines, adding double check valve assembly and inserting Rachio wireless flow meter on branch (1)