Flow meter on shared pool and irrigation line

Purchased the EveryDrop wireless flow meter for my ongoing backyard project. My landscape contractor mentioned that the main irrigation line where he was going to install the flow meter also served the new swimming pool. Is there a way for the Rachio 3/EveryDrop combo to separate pool consumption from irrigation consumption, or should I give up trying to measure flow for irrigation leak detection?

Treat your Pool Fill as an Additional Zone. Obviously estimating daily loss, duration, GPM; more accurate with an Automatic Valve wired to Rachio adjusting the parameters as needed for temperature and ET Loss.

Doesn’t sound like he’s planning to use Rachio to fill the pool, just that the line feeds an autofill (my assumption).

So the Everydrop might detect when the pool fill kicks on and raise a red flag. Not sure how you’d account for that TBH.

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I agree. I have thought about getting leak detection as well, but plumbed a water feature to the same pressurized irrigation and it has an auto-fill as well. I can never tell when it might go on and seems like it would make a leak detection almost useless. Would you all agree? I kind of wish I had done something different.

I had one of the wireless flow meters that I never installed for the same reason. My irrigation line runs around my full 2 acre property to feed 4 irrigation valve boxes, but along the way, it stubs up with multiple hose bibbs. Every time I’d use one of those hose bibbs to water the animals, or give our pet potbelly pig some mud, it would trip out the WFM.

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