Flow meter MUST be installed After a anti-backflow device

I have a system that has two zones and each zone is fed off of a single sprinkler main. The zones tap the sprinkler main and provide anti-backflow’s for their respective zone. My question is can I install the flow meter after the sprinkler main manual shutoff valve but prior to the zones with anti-backflow devices. The only concern I see with this installation is that if the municipal system reversed flow the valve would not be protected. Valve is probably not rated to be connected to a Potable Water System.

Is it a code issue? Yes! I found viz the support page “that flow meter is not certified for use on Potable Water System”.

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The flow meter is “not for use on potable water systems” because Rachio didn’t feel the need to spend the thousands and thousands of dollars to have the flow meter “certified” by NSF or other governing body. It is made out of the same materials as NUMEROUS items in the plumbing system. I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to put it on the front side of anti-siphon sprinkler valves.