Flow meter install success!

I too had a successful install. Cutting in the flow meter was a breeze and the tutorials with the links to the correct fittings made the process just that much easier.

I did have a problem reading flow and calibrating the zones after the initial pairing but Emil pushed a firmware update to my controller and all of the zones calibrated like a charm. I will note that I had to run calibration twice as the fill time of 1min seemed to mess with the calibration process. My zones only take 15 seconds to fill, maybe 30 seconds to stabilize but 1 minute fill time was not long enough.

An added bonus is the new firmware fixed the bright blue LED bar by adding a 1-2 LED cadence. Much better!!!



Any chance you could share photos? Helpful for the team to see these in the “wild” :wink:


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Quick question, did you move to a 2 minute pressurization time?

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That is one tight install!

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Lol yes it was a close install but I love it! Very clean. Eventually I’ll re-wrap the pipes and the flow meter when I add a heat tape to protect against the day of freezing we get in Houston. Lol

I will set the fill time to 2 minutes when I recalibrate after finishing adding new zones but for now I just ran the calibration after all zones were “primed”.

Btw, looks like the LED bar is back to full blue. It does dim but it’s still bright. I liked the 1-2 LED dance it was doing.

@Aquaman30k A fellow Houstonian!

You probably have a better chance of fire ants destroying the Flow meter then freezing. But I appreciate the effort :slight_smile:


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