Flow meter install mistake?

Finished installing the flow meter and was happy about how fairly easy and smooth it went. I had read about the 6" before the meter being necessary and thought I had accounted for it, until I showed my neighbor and he reminded me that the union I added was less than the 6" from the meter. Doh! Will I need to resolve this before putting the meter into service? It is a 1" PVC installation. Thank you.

The issue, from what I understand, is turbulence. A union should cause less of that than an elbow, but I can’t state that it won’t cause a problem. You could get the removal tool for the coupling and a new union and move it further from the meter.

Thanks Doug. Was able to get the PVC pipe out by carefully cutting out a section inside the pipe and collapsing it from the push fitting. Should now be able to add an adequate section of pipe and a new union. Thanks!

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