Flow meter Install compatible?

Do I have any install options here for the flow meter. 1inch pvc, based on instruction I need 16inches? I have 11. See picture. Any suggestions.

Hey @Sparky77-

Any chance you can put the meter slightly underground to get that six inches of lead before it?

That was my next thought digging down a bit and seeing how much more pipe there is. Is that the better option? The 6 inch lead is a hard and fast requirement? Thanks!

Yes, any less than that can affect accuracy of your readings (leads to not just bad accuracy but non-readings/errors).

I would say that underground is your best option.

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Ok thank you. I will investigate how much more is down there. Just to be clear it would be ok to clear out, dig down a big to get the required length but once installed fill back in the dirt so the meter is partially buried? Thanks again!

Sounds good, let us know! That should be fine, as long as you are able to re-access the batteries in the future when they need to be changed. No problem!

Great! Thank you!!

@Sparky77 - another option would be to go up from the backflow preventer with enough new pipe to get 16+" above ground, then do a u turn with two 90 degree elbows to come back down. I believe the 16" is the total installed length of the flow meter including the 6" lead in to quiet the water turbulence down.


Got it! Thanks!! Good option. Hoping there’s enough underground but will keep this as a backup plan.


I was able to dig down and get close to 15” I’m sure I can get 16”. Now the question is since there is a control box, pipes and chimney all in tight quarters the the pipe the lower cut will be a bit tricky…so the higher the installation, the better. Where can I start measuring for my 6” of straight lead? At the top of the elbow turn down (red highlight) or the end of the elbow seal down(green highlight)? Let me know what you think.

@Sparky77, start your measuring of 6" straight pipe at the end of the elbow (green line).


Got t! Thanks