Flow meter for Rachio 3 install video

I have a Rachio 3 coming on Friday and I know the flow meter will ship next month. Perhaps you aren’t interested in encouraging too many end users to install the flow meter themselves but I’d love to see a well produced video showing the install process. Reading the installation instructions and looking at my own particular setup I honestly feel this is something I could do myself and would be a “fun” weekend project but I have no experience doing plumbing work and if I botch the cut there is no question I’ll need to have a plumber dig up and replace the pipe between the valve box and the back flow valve to try again, of course at a nice cost so I really would love to “watch” how it is done to better visualize what I am getting into. I know of course there might be some user made videos pretty quick on the internet after launch but I’d love to see one from Rachio.

Something to consider… Thanks!


Hey @boldblue737!

We’ve got a video and some other resources in the works :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

-Lo :rachio:


awesome! all is perfect timing, i get my rachio 3 on friday, i’ll change out my rachio 2 on sunday, and on tuesday my sprinklers get turned on for the season. by the end of may when it warms up and i’m in thick of watering i’ll hopefully have the flowmeter installed.


Use PEX wherever you can. Awesome products. YouTube will show you how easy it is. I installed my whole system myself years ago using sweated copper indoors and PVC outside. I’ve used PEX in a couple of projects and will never sweat copper again!!

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Pex is supper easy and a good idea for anything inside. As far as I know, there is not an approved UV rated pex product for outdoor use with sun exposure.

Correct, It can’t be used where it will be exposed to sunlight, however, it can be buried. So using it for an underground sprinkler would be ok. The above ground would need to be of another material. Always check your local building codes. I was mainly speaking of using if when installing the flow meter. MIne will be indoors. I assume most are indoors or hidden.

From SharkBite:

Q: Can PEX be exposed to sunlight?
A: No, PEX pipe is not approved for continuous UV exposure. PEX pipe should not be stored or used in direct sunlight.

Q: Can SharkBite PEX pipe be buried?
A: Yes, SharkBite PEX pipe is approved to AWWA C904 which covers PEX pipe in regards to burial. Be sure to check with local, city or state codes to see if the pipe needs to have sleeves or any type of protective burial for your area. PEX pipe can be used as a service line based on its corrosion resistance to soil and water, its long life, and its oxidative resistance.

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Is there an install video available yet for Flow Meter?

@Miles267 There is one here ->

Rachio Wireless Flow Meter Installation: 1-inch copper pipe