Flow Meter for Complete Home?

I just ordered my combo, but after hitting the final button to place my order, I realized it never said anything about monitoring a complete home water usage. I only saw installs for sprinkler, but could i set this up on my main water inlet to the house? I would like to see water usage for everything else since we have a pool too. A graph of usage for the whole day/week would be just fine, then i can break down the zones of sprinklers, pool, washing machine, etc. if needed. Hope the community can help. Thanks in advance.

The flow meter is not certified for potable water systems — so it is not advisable to do that. In context with the Rachio Iro, I think it is clear that the meter is meant for irrigation water only.

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I guess i need to cancel my 16 zone GEN 3 w/Flowmeter order. Thanks! You saved me some money and disappointment later down the road.

Sure. And even if you did install it in an unadvisable way, all water for your entire house would go through one flow meter and then it’s no better than the utility’s meter — almost impossible to differentiate what volume of water is going where. The key thing about irrigation systems is that usually only one “valve” is open at a time making it easy to distinguish where flow is going (to a zone). A house, on the other hand, there’s almost constant flow when occupied. You’d need a flow meter and a Rachio Iro controller for every heavy water using system (behind the pool, washing machine). One controller supports one flow meter. There must be better ways to get the data you need.

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Agreed, I’ve been looking for a web enabled device for months. I saw this unit was released without thinking it through 100% and make a spontaneous purchase. I just want to see a graph of all water usage, from there I can break down my 12 different sprinkler zones, keep track of water we put in the pool, and all that good stuff. I’ll just have to wait a bit longer to find the right tested system. I was worked up about this one because Rachio review of their previous equipment.

Rachio is pretty awesome for irrigation! Good luck.

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I just installed the buoy flow meter with internet controlled shutoff meter and it has been great for both irrigation and whole home water monitoring. It has the added benefit of being able shutoff the water in case of a leak. Maybe rachio could interfere with this as well.