Flow Meter Easy Install!

Received the flowmeter about a week ago and waited until a weekend to install, just to give me plenty of time to get it done. I reviewed your video and followed the written instructions very carefully. My only comment is when I ordered the Gen 3/Flowmeter a few months ago your instructions recommended Sharkbite fittings (I have 1" PVC pipes). Or perhaps I misread your instructions. Regardless, I bought those fittings. But when I reviewed the install instructions this week I saw you now suggest Orbit connections for PVC. So I returned the very expensive Sharkbite fittings to HD and bought the much, much cheaper Orbit fittings. So my install cost was about $5.00.

The flowmeter connected immediately to my Gen3 and the calibrations worked as advertised. I am now looking forward to precise measurement of water usage, along with the leak detection capability. Well done to Rachio!



Thanks for sharing, that looks great!