Flow Meter Delays

I placed an order on May 25 for a Gen 3 and a Flow Meter combo as part of Memorial Day pricing specials.

The Gen 3 is working great - very happy with the product.

Indications were I should expect the Flow Meter sometime in June. I wait patiently. Few weeks go by and I get an email on June 13th telling me my Flow Meter is coming soon and to prepare for it with some helpful videos & tips. I watch and wait patiently. I get an email on June 30th saying my order will ship no later than July 13th. July 13th goes by. I wait patiently.

I am no longer waiting patiently - July 22nd and no Flow Meter. I want my order cancelled and money refunded for it.

Very happy with my Gen 3 and have recommended it to others but very unhappy about having to wait so long for the flow meter. I’m done waiting - I don’t need it. My system runs happily without it and I’m not interested in doing any more plumbing work.

The order was placed with the email on my profile - I can provide the order ID or any other information to any employees.

Thank you.

Hi @johhn14, thanks for the note. We’ve cancelled and refunded your order. Looks like you were #2 in line the last batch of flow meters to be shipped from May :frowning:

We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience to date. We’ve encountered a few hurdles that have delayed Flow Meter shipments a few times. Should you wish to reorder a Flow Meter in the future, we’d be happy to honor the original price you paid.

Thanks, Emil


Thank you for the swift action. I received the email and will look for the credit to post.

Again, I really enjoy the controller and wish to offer my overall satisfaction with the product. It’s well worth it.