Flow Meter Dead?

This evening I received a notification that my flow meter had disconnected from my Rachio 3. I followed the troubleshooting steps online and confirmed that my controller is online and working properly, nothing is obstructing the signal to the controller, I had not received any notifications regarding the batteries (the flow meter was installed 2 months ago, so batteries are new). I did remove both batteries and confirmed that they both have a full charge. When I placed them back in the flow meter, the green light did not come on. (It wasn’t on before I removed the batteries either.) It’s as if the thing just died. Any ideas on how to maybe do a hard reset on the flow meter to get it working again? Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks for any info or help you guys can provide.

**Update: at 3:14 this afternoon, the flow meter magically regained power and reconnected… I had not touched it since last night, so I’m not sure what jumpstarted it.

**Update: as of 4:57 this afternoon, the green light is still on, but has disconnected from the controller… Before this started, I’ve always had good to excellent connectivity. Nothing has changed as far as obstructions between the flow meter and the controller. I guess the reconnection earlier today was just a tease…