Flow meter calibration problem

I have a Rachio2 and a Toro TFS75 flow meter. I have 13 valves in 3 separate groups, which all split off the main line with the flow meter. All but 2 of the valves readily calibrated. I can’t get the other 2 valves to calibrate with the flow meter. The 2 valves are in series with each other, and there are an additional 2 valves in this valve group, one before and one after the 2 problem valves. The ones on either end work fine. Neither zone is huge, but I would think there should be adequate flow in each- one goes to a bunch of berries and the other to 2 avocado trees, and each probably has 25 x 1gph drip emitters. And yes, I have confirmed that regular flow is coming out the other end. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Most flow meters have problems with reporting low flow. We fail calibration if we detect 0 flow, which means flow meter sent us 0 frequencies. We are rolling out some flow frequency diagnostics functionality this week. Would it be possible to retry calibration after it is out so we know exactly what is happening?

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Sounds good