Flow meter calibration issues, incorrect flow reading

I installed the flow meter couple of weeks ago and not sure if it is calibration issue or something else, but the flow readings are incorrect. Also system is alerting either low or high flow detection while watering for some zones. I have 11 zones and 4-6 heads in each. I did a test today with quick run of 3 mins of each zone and measured the water usage thru utility installed water meter. Rachio flow meter readings were no way close. Per House meter reading


Data from Rachio shows .55 hours (3 mins each for 11 zones =33 mins) 4 Gallons total usage.

When I looked at the historical water usage from the Rachio online, download last year usage ( not sure how it was calculated when I was not having a Flow Meter) the Usage values seems to be more closer to actuals i.e average of 5-8 GPM.

Looking for some help in addressing this issue…

  • do i need to recalibrate
    -do i need to redo the setting

Your install certainly looks good.

In general, if the meter read anything at all (which the 4 gallons total indicated it did), the meter should be functioning. Other than an obstruction in the pipe causing asymmetric flow, if it works at all it should work over the whole range. (unless the pipe was not full due to lack of enough back pressure)

The total that you got would seem to me that maybe one of your zones (maybe 2) read 0.5 to 1.0 gpm and the rest read 0. But, you say that you are getting high flow alerts. What does each zone calibrate to? It would be interesting what numbers are recorded that are being used as the reference for alerts. Does it actually report realistic numbers during the calibration? I assume these are not all drip zones.

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