Flow meter availability

Does anyone know why the Rachio flow meters have no stock anywhere?


Same question here. I just got a $700 water bill because a line in a remote area split and leaked repeatedly. I need the flow meter.


Dang…never had that happen before…:rage:


Still wondering. Is there a problem or defect with the flow meter design?
Is there a new version coming?
Have the Chinese tariffs made it too expensive?
Have Wombles invaded the factory?

People want to know.

I emailed customer service. The response was that they got in 1000 units in August and sold out in a week. They don’t have a date for when they will get more but you can use the link on their site and put your name on the waiting list. It sounds fishy to me.


I’m on the list but it’s been ages.

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Hey everyone. I’d like to clarify that the Rachio Wireless Flow Meters were announced as end of sale last fall. Meters being sold on everydropmeters.com are not associated with Rachio. However, we are compatible with the 1004-EX & 1104-EX models.