Flow meter as control input

Hey everybody! I am literally on a desert island, Curacao. With the Rachio3 and Flow Meter installed. Works great! My question…is it possible to have the flow meter shut off the master valve after a set amount of water as been used? This would be useful if there is a leak that I can’t take care of immediately. Best response to service call would be the next day!
Or can someone suggest a controllable master valve that is upstream? Here’s the catch… I want a programmable flow meter that will turn on in the morning, allow 2000liters of water to flow, then shut off until the next morning.
I’ve seen HomeSeer master valves but they don’t allow repeatable “on via a timer” and “off via flow amount” requirement.
Looking forward to your suggestions.

That’s a great idea!

I installed a water meter with reed switch to count tenths of gallons, and a wireless data logger to read it remotely. There’s a url I can read to get the total used. But the resolution is an hourly reading, which isn’t quite good enough to see a leak in time to shut it off.

I have found this… Grohe Sense Guard.