Flow Measured By Water Company


My water company came out and did an evaluation to qualify me for my rebate. I got from them the flow in gallons per minute per zone so how do I convert that data into information on my zones to make my rachio smarter?


@JPHauckSFO Here is more information on setting the precipitation rate on your zones.



How did your water utility calculate your gallons per minute per zone. Did they actually use your water meter or were they doing an estimate? Once I know this I can give you some good suggestions. There are many factors to consider: quality of your system distribution uniformity; condition of your sprinklers; obvious problems; type of head; water pressure; nozzle installed because each nozzle at a specific pressure has a different flow. It’s important to fix any problems first. I like to use the default settings in the Rachio setup unless you are advanced in irrigation.


My entire system was replaced last year with a fresh landscaping. The water company had me turn on each zone and measured the flow accord to the meter for the house. So I have the gallons per minute and other than one drip area where I have soaked tubes too I have the same types of heads. So on a mixed system at least I know that so many gallons per minute are pushed out the heads.


Thanks Franz. I followed the set up when configured. But now I know exactly how much water flows I want to get smarter. I also have been seeing the soil moisture in zone one is always at 0% but the soil is moist. Seems like there is something about that which is not right.