Flotec pump

Hello guys my old pump died I have the Rachio version 2 with 8 zones and I’m trying to wire it to my new flotec pump but doesn’t crank, I’m wondering if I have to do something different.
Pictures next


Do I need the relay or I can just wire it str8?

You absolutely need the relay. Without it, you will blow the Rachio to smithereens and could possibly even electrocute yourself. If you are not sure how to connect the controller safely, get a pro to help.

The only thing I did change was the pump, the rest everything it’s the same, but the pump won’t turn on

When you start or stop a Quick Run, can you hear a click from the relay? If so, the controller is operating it properly and the problem lies elsewhere.

Based on the labels in your photo (which could possibly be wrong), the L1 and L2 In wires should receive line voltage from the breaker and the L1 and L2 Out wires should connect to the pump. But something seems strange, because the wires to the pump are red.

If you know how to do it safely and have a multimeter, check voltage at the pump input terminals when the controller is trying to run it.

Yes I hear the click, now I forgot to mention I did this with the pump dry, I’m in the process of installing the pipes, I just wanted to make sure the pump was working from factory, maybe the pump needs water, I’ll finish with the pipes and try again.
The other thing I can do it’s test the red cables at the pump aide and see if I have voltage, I can do that with no problem

I believe your pump is set for 230 volts (knob below the red wires), but you are feeding it 110V (white / black pair).
Verify with a multimeter that there is 110V AC coming to your pump before changing the knob, failure to do so may damage the pump.
Your second picture of the breaker box is not very clear, is it the fourth breaker from the bottom which is feeding your pump? In either case I do not see anything that would resemble a balanced 220V hookup on that image.
In / out labels on the pump relay do not really matter, what you have should work.

Hi gene, nice to see you again since 2017 lol, on the second picture I’m pointing at 2 breakers 110v each that have black lines, then they go outside to a breaker box, then from there with a black and white line to the relay.
Like I said before, we configured this in 2017, all I’m doing now is switching the pump.

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I remember your setup now :slight_smile: Been a while :wink:
It is unusual to run a 220v pump off of two half sized 20 amp break barkers. What model pump have you bought?
Your best bet is still to measure the AC voltage at the pump, you’d need to “run” one of the zones in order for the pump relay to energize the pump.
You may be right, the pump may have some sort of sensor which prevents it from running dry. Can you take a wider photo of the pump / pump label?

Tested the relay with a volt meter and I’m getting voltage and when I do a quick run I’m getting 120 in each red wire at the pump, but the pump doesn’t even move :frowning:

What about between the red wires?

The only difference I see it’s with the relay diagram I have the ins where the outs are and viceversa

If you see the second pic and the diagram you’ll see my black cables are the power coming from the breaker and my reds are going to the pump and the diagram says the opposite, blacks should me my out to pump and reds coming from power

What I meant is what do you measure between these two terminals:

The volt meter reads 0

Even when Rachio is running? How about here?

If I put my black lead on one and my red lead on the other they read 0 but individually read 120 volts, am I measuring wrong? I’m not good and this volt meter stuff lol

Why everything was working with the other one??

No, I was right in that I have not seen the 220V hookup in your breaker. Both of your half sized breakers are connected to the same phase, thus you are not seeing any voltage between them.

In your old setup, the two breakers where at the 2nd and 3rd half size position from the bottom:

Now they are on the 3rd and 4th.

You can move your current bottom breaker (one with red wire) up 2 positions and move the breaker pair down one position (or basically swap you bottom breaker for the one two positions above it).

Prior to doing this, you can verify that it should work by verifying that between the breaker with the red wire and either of the pump breakers, you will see 220volts.

That was the issue gene, what happened is that in between changing the pump I installed a generator switch and I moved some of the breakers, I tough they were in position but I was wrong, pump is working fine now, thanks so much for your advice and patience :wink:

Now I’m getting dirty water and my sprinkler heads at clogged lol, thanks again