Flexing in Heat?

Noob here - and trying to understand some of the Rachio 3 features.

If I understand it, Flex Monthly changes watering patterns monthly based on 20 years of data. We’re in the middle of a heat wave, but I don’t see where Flex Monthly takes global warming into account, or where Weather Intelligence Plus can increase watering based on heat. What am I missing?

Precisely why I’ve never used Flex Monthly but have used Flex Daily since it first came out.

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Yeah, its a lot more predictable than flex daily, but is limited by historical data, which clearly in extreme temperatures it will not adapt to.


As far as I can tell in the app, if you have a bunch of Flex Monthly schedules, you can’t just edit each one and change them to Flex Daily. That option is greyed out for some reason. If there’s another way to edit an existing schedule let me know.