Flexible Start Times

I have a ultra dwarf Bermuda putting green in my yard and waters on a flex daily schedule. I know the actual precipitation rates based on can measurements. The green waters every or every other day at 7am depending on Rachio Et calcs. I would like to allow the controller to start watering anytime during a 24 hour period with only a wind delay active. That way I can water when the green needs it versus 24 hour blocks. Is this possible or being considered ?? Thanks for any responses…

This is an ask to Rachio support for a new schedule start time option…. If the water bank calcs are run every 24 hours, this won’t work but if they are less than 24 hours, every 12,6,4,2 or every hour I would assume it’s possible. Be nice to get a response from Rachio.

This is more of a community forum, and not monitored 24/7 by Rachio team members, Just FYI. I think what you are asking for is such a unique and small subset of the Rachio user base, I’d be surprised if that is on the radar. Is it possible? Maybe…but there are other updates that affect a much larger population that I’m sure they put their time and effort into.

Thanks for the reply Troy. Understand your respose but looking for a touch more clarity in how Rachio logic when it comes to start times. Can you briefly give me the logic in regards to when/frequency the projections are calculated and what the logic is when the projection falls below 0 to irrigate ? For example the zone is projected to be at zero water at noon with a 7am start time, does it water that morning before it falls to zero or wait till the next day ? Thanks in advance for a response.

Not 100% sure, but I think flex daily checks around midnight, and then 1 hour before the scheduled run. Not sure what you mean by “For example the zone is projected to be at zero water at noon with a 7am start time”, but I’m pretty sure the zone projections aren’t at noon. I believe they are, and always have been by the end of the day, ie midnight.

I understand what your saying. My zone needs watering every 24-48 hours based on my weather station and Et calcs. Having a fixed start time and fixed watering duration usually overwaters causing a black layer under the surface which deprives the roots of oxygen. I’ll have to hope for a controller some day that has a variable duration or start time. Meanwhile I’ll keep skipping runs or manual watering on occasion to keep the grass healthy. Putting greens are a lot of work!