Flexible start times on flexible monthly with smart cycle and weather intelligence

I am still installing my system but have noticed a few things I’d love to have more control over. I shared this with tech support and they asked me to post it here too.

I have limited water pressure. As a result I have kept my zones VERY SMALL and that also allows them to have very detailed watering instructions. A draw back is it takeS FOREVER to water all the zones.

My low water pressure also means I can’t use any water inside the house while irrigating outside. When I set up my monthly Flex schedule, I set a minimum start time each day that allows my family to get showers done in the morning. The irrigation then starts after that… 7:30 am. But, on the weekends we sleep in longer and we find ourselves showering at 9 am during irrigation. This hasn’t happened every weekend because our smart schedule has changed watering days based on rain fall.

My suggestion : allow software to block out specific times on specific days to NOT water - and allow the smart schedule to adjust around it as needed. This would also allow a schedule start early in the morning (4:30 am?) and then pause at 6:30 and resume at 7:30.

This would also allow users to program in days when you can’t water due to restrictions.


Rather than keeping zones very small to deal with low water pressure, have you considered Netafim irrigation tubing? It works with 20 psi and has very low flow rates per 100’. Often you can replace multiple valves and run this tubing off a single valve because of the low precipitation rate.

For example, their 0.4 gal/hr dripper tubing with drippers spaced every 12" only requires 0.4 x 100 = 40 gals/hr per 100’ feet, or 0.66 gal/min per 100’ of tubing. At these low flow rates, running 300-600 feet off a single valve does not usually result in any significant pressure drop.