Flexible monthly schedule - way too long?

Hi there,

New Rachio user here. I just set up my system and set up a flexible monthly schedule for my shrub zones.

The schedule it created is over 3 hours total - ~45 minutes per zone. Isn’t this way too long?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

If I had to guess, its likely smart cycling so it will water all the zones and then wait a certain amt of time before watering again to allow the 1st zone to have at least 30 mins from when it previously finished before it gets water again.

You’re right - it has 6 cycles. However each zone is watered 5 minutes each cycle - so 40 minutes per zone. Isn’t this way too much?

I will say that it is only scheduled to run every 10 days, so maybe that’s the idea - water on fewer days, but for longer?

Yep - it needs to get the watering done to maintain your “tank in the soil” btwn waterings.

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