Flexible Monthly needs to check back further for precip

After inches of rain in the last week, we finally had a day of sunshine. Then of course, my system ran this morning since Rachio didn’t see rain in the last 24 hours or forecasted.

There must be a way to make Rachio realize that there was more than enough precipitation in the last week to warrant a skip. Especially since you really should be watering Bermuda once a week.

I guess I’ll have to go back to manually scheduling it … again.

Hi @CH-Johnson-

Do you have our Climate Skip feature enabled? This looks back 7 days in the past and 7 days forward, it may help with this situation!

McKynzee :rachio:

Where is the Climate Skip option located in the app?

Climate Skip can be enabled/disabled on each individual schedule, check out this article for details. Keep in mind, this feature is not available on Flex schedules because it is already inherently enabled.

Thanks. I found it. I was looking for it in global settings rather than under the individual zones. I also didnt know it is set by dedault with Flex.

Are you sure that it is looking ahead 7 days and back 7 days? I ask because many times the forcast shows rain 4 days back to back but many times irrigation still shows as being planned(and usually runs as planned).

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Upon further investigation, I found that it was not on, although I can’t imagine why I would have turned it off. Of course, now I look like an idiot for not noticing that. I had rain skip on, but not climate skip.


It does look 7 days forward and back, however it also tries to estimate your moisture level for each zone to see if the precipitation will get your most sensitive zone to the next watering or not. Does that make sense? So it’s not entirely based off just precipitation.

@CH-Johnson it happens to the best of us! Glad we figured it out :slight_smile:

Ok. That makes sense. I just look forward to your implementation of the many product improvement ideas that I posted. It is pretty nerve racking to see 3 days of rain in the forecast and three days of heavy watering planned on the same days. Being able to see those forecasted precip levels right on the main screen would help.

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