Flexible daily set up

I have four zones running on 2 schedule one is fixed and one is flexible daily but I want to get the most out of flexible daily schedule any suggestions or recommendations on how to start the set up I have cool season grass I believe I have sandy loam soil thanks in advance

Here are my recommendations for where to start.


Thanks for the reply: I’ll have some work to do and invest some time in figuring this thing out

It definitely takes some time, but it’s worth it.

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Would you recommend starting with one zone first? I’ll disable one zone from the fixe schedule. Right now I have everything set up with sand. And I did some soil research and it’s sandy loam. when I switch it from sand to sandy loam the available water goes up higher.

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Yes, absolutely start with just one zone. It’s good that you went through the soil as a first step. I would try to go through the other settings as well before enabling it. You can put everything in and then look at your moisture curves/tables. You can compare the predicted watering schedules to what you think is reasonable for what you’re irrigating. Once you feel like it’s close then try switching over.

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This is pretty cool. I’ll be sharing the results of that one zone and see how’s that goes.and if I like it I’ll apply it to rest of my zones. Thank you azdavidr

You’re welcome!

Hi azdavidr. I have a quick question I have three zones that are mixed up with rotor heads and fixed spray how would you approach it since we can only choose one from the settings.I just want to have the correct setting so I can get the best results

Honestly, the best thing to do is to swap your heads out to be uniform. Beyond that you would want to do a catch cup test to see what your average measured PR is. If you want to risk taking a stand at it without those risks I guess you could use the seeing with the lower PR, but then you’ll be over watering the section of the yard that heads with a higher PR.


Ok great so what I’ll do is catch cup test first and then see what the PR is. And then I’ll decide in terms of swapping those heads out because the fixed spray are for flower beds and the rotors are for the grass

Maybe I misunderstood. You have both the flower beds and lawn on the same irrigation line?

That is correct I have both on the same irrigation line I should of have explain that before but yea is flower bed and lawn. You know what’s funny azdavidr is that am in surprise AZ and my device is back east and I’m able to make changes from here which I think is pretty dam cool

Hmmm, that’s a more complex situation in that case. I’m not sure what to recommend as the irrigation needs of your lawn and flower beds might be quite different. I would consider separating them in the future.

Yea I think that’s the best option is to separate the flower beds in to different zones I really appreciate you’re advice and guidance to this journey like I said before I’ll be sharing the results of the first zone with the flexible daily schedule